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Global Fixed-wing VTOL UAV Market by Vertical, Propulsion, Mode of Operation, Endurance, Range, MTOW, and Region - Forecast to 2030

/EIN News/ -- Dublin, Dec. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Fixed-wing VTOL UAV Market by Vertical (Military, Government & Law Enforcement, Commercial), Propulsion (Electric, Hybrid, Gasoline), Mode of operation (VLOS, EVLOS, BVLOS), Endurance, Range, MTOW, and Region - Global Forecast to 2030" report has been added to's offering.

The Global Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market is Projected to Grow from USD 498 Million in 2019 to USD 3,583 by 2030, at a CAGR of 19.7%. The increasing adoption of fixed-wing VTOL UAVs in the commercial and military verticals is one of the most significant factors expected to drive the growth of the market.

Key players operating in the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market include ALTI UAS (South Africa), URKSPECSystems (Ukraine), Arcturus UAV (US), Vertical Technologies (Netherlands), Carbonix (Australia), Lockheed Martin (US), Textron Inc. (US), and Threod Systems (Estonia).

Based on vertical, the military segment is estimated to lead the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market in 2019.

Based on vertical, the military segment is estimated to lead the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market in 2019. The growth of the military segment can be attributed to the increasing adoption of fixed-wing VTOL UAVs in various military applications such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and electronic warfare. These fixed-wing VTOL drones reduce collateral damage while hovering, searching, and identifying, which makes them an invaluable asset for the military, driving the growth of the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market.

Based on MTOW, the < 25-kilogram segment is estimated to lead the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market in 2019.

Based on MTOW, the <25 kilograms segment is estimated to lead the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market in 2019. The growth of these segments is attributed to the increasing demand for low-weight unmanned platforms for commercial applications, the presence of manufacturers for fixed-wing VTOL UAV in this category, and the regulations pertaining to the use of unmanned platforms under <25 kilograms of weight.

North America is estimated to lead the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market in 2019.

The North American region is estimated to lead the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market in 2019. The US and Canada are key countries considered for market analysis in this region. An increase in the defense expenditure of the US and Canada and the presence of major fixed-wing VTOL UAV manufacturers in North America are key factors contributing to the growth of the fixed-wing VTOL UAV market in this region.

Key Topics Covered

1 Introduction

2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights
4.1 Attractive Growth Opportunities in the Fixed-Wings VTOL UAV Market
4.2 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market, By Propulsion
4.3 North America Fixed-Wings VTOL UAV Market, By Vertical
4.4 Fixed-Wings VTOL UAV Market, By Country

5 Market Overview
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Increasing Use of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs in Civil & Commercial Applications Growing Use of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs in Military Applications Increasing Use of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs in Life-Threatening Military Missions Increasing Use of Modern Warfare Techniques By Defense Forces Increasing Use of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs in Advanced Patrolling of Marine Borders Growing Use of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs to Counter Terrorism
5.2.2 Opportunities Increased Deployment of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs to Carry Out Aerial Remote Sensing Technological Developments in the Field of Drone Payloads Use of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs for Cargo Delivery in Military and Commercial Applications
5.2.3 Challenges Lack of Proper Air Traffic Management for UAVs Restrictions Imposed on the Commercial Use of UAVs in Various Countries Possible Threats to Safety and Violation of Privacy Lack of Skilled & Trained Personnel to Operate Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs

6 Industry Trends
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Technology Trends
6.2.1 Artificial Intelligence
6.2.2 Use of Advanced Materials in Manufacturing UAVs
6.2.3 Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Navigation
6.2.4 Use of Sense & Avoid Technology
6.2.5 Development of Superior Computing Technologies
6.2.6 Drone Payloads
6.2.7 Wireless Charging
6.2.8 Computer Vision
6.2.9 Machine Learning-Powered Analytics
6.2.10 Connected Drones
6.3 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Ecosystem
6.3.1 Major Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Products
6.3.2 Level of Autonomy Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
6.3.3 Maturity Mapping of Drone Technologies
6.3.4 Maturity Mapping of Commercial Drone Applications
6.3.5 Interconnected UAV Solutions
6.3.6 Country-Wise Drone Regulations
6.3.7 Drone Insurance
6.4 Patent Analysis

7 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market, By Vertical
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Military
7.2.1 Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Increasing Investment in Development of Advanced Surveillance Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs for Military Vertical By Emerging Players
7.2.2 Combat Operations Growing Demand for the Launch of Precision Guided-Munition From UAV Platforms
7.2.3 Battle Damage Management Spending on R&D to Develop Unmanned Aerial Platforms to Reduce Collateral Damage is Increasing
7.3 Government & Law Enforcement
7.3.1 Border Management Development of Specialized Products By Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Manufacturers for Border Management Applications is Increasing
7.3.2 Traffic Monitoring Growing Traffic is Leading to Increased Real-Time Monitoring Using Unmanned Aerial Platforms to Track Accidents
7.3.3 Firefighting & Disaster Management Increasing Demand for Higher Payload Capacity in Firefighting & Disaster Management Activities
7.3.4 Search & Rescue Use of Unmanned Aerial Platforms for Search & Rescue Operations By Local Police Authorities is Rising
7.3.5 Police Operations & Investigation Use of Advanced UAVs in Crime Scene Investigation By Local Police Departments is Driving the Segment
7.3.6 Maritime Security Demand for Coastal Surveillance Using Unmanned Aerial Platforms is Increasing
7.4 Commercial
7.4.1 Remote Sensing Development of High-Altitude Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs is Leading to Increased Use in Remote Sensing Applications
7.4.2 Inspection & Monitoring Rising Need for Inspection & Monitoring Activities in Oil & Gas and Mining Industries
7.4.3 Product Delivery Increasing Demand for Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs for Product Delivery
7.4.4 Surveying & Mapping Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs Equipped With Advanced Payloads are Helping Companies Reduce Operational Costs of Surveying and Mapping
7.4.5 Aerial Imaging Increasing Use of Unmanned Aerial Platforms in the Film Industry and Journalism Drive the Aerial Imaging Segment
7.4.6 Agriculture Increasing Demand for Crop Monitoring, Inspection, and Pesticide Spraying Applications Resulting in the Growth of Fixed-Wings VTOL UAV Market
7.4.7 Others

8 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market, By Range
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Visual Line of Sight Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs
8.2.1 The Growing Demand for Commercial Drones is Expected to Fuel the Growth of the Visual Line of Sight Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs Market
8.3 Extended Visual Line of Sight UAVs
8.3.1 Extended Visual Line of Sight Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs are Majorly Used in Military and Commercial Verticals Such as Surveying, Mapping, Inspection, Precision Agriculture, Scientific Research, Among Others
8.4 Beyond Line of Sight Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs
8.4.1 Presence of Major Manufacturers Such As, Vertical Technologies, ALTI UAS, Textron, Among Others Witnessed the Demand for Beyond Line of Sight Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs

9 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market, By MTOW
9.1 Introduction
9.2 <25 Kilograms
9.2.1 Countries Such as the US and China Use of <25 Kilograms MTOW Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs for Commercial Applications
9.3 25-100 Kilograms
9.3.1 25 Kilograms But Less Than 100 Kilograms are Widely Used for ISR Applications in the Military Vertical
9.4 >100 Kilograms
9.4.1 >100 Kilograms are Majorly Used in Military Applications Such as Combat, ISR, and Battlefield Management for Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV

10 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market, By Endurance
10.1 Introduction
10.2 <5 Hours
10.2.1 Demand for <5 Hour Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs is Increasing in Surveying & Mapping Applications
10.3 5-10 Hours
10.3.1 Major Manufacturers Offer UAVs With 5-10 Hours Endurance for Commercial and Military Applications
10.4 >10 Hours
10.4.1 Demand for High Endurance Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs is Rising in Military and Government & Law Enforcement Applications

11 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market, By Mode of Operation
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Remotely Piloted
11.2.1 Countries Such as Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, are the Key Prospect Markets for Aerial Exploration, Thereby Leading to Increased Demand for Remotely Operated Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs
11.3 Optionally Piloted
11.3.1 Optionally Piloted Fixed-Wing VTOL Used in Applications Such as National Safety & Security, Combat Missions, Product Delivery, Precision Agriculture, Surveying & Mapping, Among Others
11.4 Fully Autonomous
11.4.1 Growth of the Fully Autonomous Can Be Attributed to the High Spending of the US Army on the R&D of Fixed-Wing VTOL UAVs

12 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Market, By Propulsion Type
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Electric
12.2.1 Increasing Demand for Maintenance-Free Propulsion is Expected to Fuel the Demand for Electric Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV
12.3 Hybrid
12.3.1 Hybrid Propulsion is Increasingly Used in Military and Commercial Applications
12.4 Gasoline
12.4.1 Increasing Demand for Heavyweight Fixed-Wing VTOL May Lead to Adoption of Gasoline Based Propulsion System

13 Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV Adjacent Market
13.1 Introduction
13.2 Increasing Demand for Fixed-Wing Ctol UAV's Like Tactical and Hale, Male, Combat UAV's From Armed Forces
13.2.1 Short Takeoff Landing (STOL) UAVs Rising Demand for Fixed-Wing Short Take-Off UAV's for Coastal Surveillance
13.3 Drone Analytics Market, By Application
13.3.1 Thermal Detection Growing Use of Thermographic Inspection Across Industries Such as Agriculture, Mining, Construction, and Oil & Gas
13.3.2 Geolocation Tagging Industries Such as Mining & Quarrying, Oil & Gas, and Construction Using Geolocation Tagging to Combine Geographical Metadata With Images Or Videos Captured By Drones
13.3.3 Aerial Monitoring Growing Demand for Aerial Inspection in the Agriculture & Forestry, Insurance, Utility, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Scientific Research Sectors
13.3.4 Ground Exploration Increasing Demand for Ground Exploration in Construction and Mining Sector
13.3.5 Volumetric Calculations Volumetric Analysis Tools Increasing Used By Professionals and Small Businesses and Enterprises
13.3.6 3D Modeling Development of Customised Solutions for 3D Modelling in Construction, Agriculture and Insurance Industries
13.3.7 Others
13.4 Drone Analytics Market, By Type
13.4.1 On-Premises Increasing Use of On-Premises Type of Drone Analytics in Oil & Gas and Energy Sectors to Analyse Critical Data
13.4.2 On-Demand Rising Demand for Cloud-Based Services in Construction, Mining & Quarrying, Insurance, and Agriculture Industries Sectors
13.5 Drone Services Market, By Application
13.5.1 Aerial Photography & Remote Sensing Advances in the Miniaturization of Instrumentation and Data Systems, have Resulted in Increased Demand in the Remote Sensing
13.5.2 Data Acquisition & Analytics Drones are Being Used in Data Acquisition Applications to Collect, Analyse, and Distribute Aerial Data
13.5.3 Mapping & Surveying Reduction in Time to Collect Precise Data Using Drones for Mapping & Surveying Applications in Mining, Quarries, Dense Forests, Infrastructure Sites, and Agriculture Sectors
13.5.4 3D Modeling Rising Need for 3D Modelling in Industries Such as Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, and Surveying
13.5.5 Disaster Risk Management & Mitigation Increasing Number of Service Providers Providing Services in Search & Rescue Operations
13.5.6 Inspection & Environmental Monitoring Drones are Increasing Used to Collect High-Resolution Images By Scientists for Environmental Inspection & Monitoring
13.5.7 Others
13.6 Drone Services Market, By Type
13.6.1 Drone Platform Services Increasing Demand for Industry Specific Solutions Such as Aerial Photography & Remote Sensing, Aerial Mapping & Surveying, Aerial Inspection & Environmental Monitoring Fuel the Growth of Drone Platforms Services
13.6.2 Drone MRO Services Rising Incidents of Drone Accidents Will Lead to the Growth of Drone MRO Services
13.6.3 Drone Training & Education Services With the Growing Commercial Drone Fleet There is A Demand for Remote Pilot Training and Education Services
13.7 Anti-Drone Market, By Application
13.7.1 Detection Advancement in Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) Image Sensors, Acoustical Sensors, and Near-Infrared Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Image Sensors is Feeling the Detection Application
13.7.2 Detection & Disruption Increasing Demand for Detection & Disruption Solutions Due to Advancement in Drone Technology
13.8 Anti-Drone Market, By Technology
13.8.1 Laser Systems Development of Advanced Laser-Based Anti-Drones to Increase the Targeting Capability of Anti-Drone Systems
13.8.2 Kinetic Systems Kinetic System Includes the Use of A Gun, Missile, and Ammunition to Shoot Down A Drone
13.8.3 Electronic Systems Development in Radar, Sensor, and Gps Technologies is Expected to Fuel the Froth of the Electronics Systems

14 Regional Analysis
14.1 Introduction
14.2 North America
14.3 Europe
14.4 Asia-Pacific
14.5 Middle East
14.6 Rest of the World

15 Competitive Landscape
15.1 Introduction
15.2 Competitive Leadership Mapping
15.2.1 Visionary Leaders
15.2.2 Innovators
15.2.3 Dynamic Differentiators
15.2.4 Emerging Companies
15.3 Major Players in Fixed-Wings VTOL UAV Market
15.4 Competitive Scenario
15.4.1 New Product Development
15.4.2 Contracts
15.4.3 Joint Ventures and Partnerships

16 Company Profiles
16.2 UKRSPECSystems
16.3 Arcturus UAV Inc.
16.4 Vertical Technologies
16.5 Carbonix
16.6 Zerotech
16.7 Ideaforge
16.8 Quantum-Systems GmbH
16.9 Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd.
16.10 Elroy Air
16.11 AVY
16.12 Autel Robotics
16.13 ULC Robotics
16.14 A-Techsyn
16.15 Lockheed Martin Corporation
16.16 Textron Inc.
16.17 Threod Systems
16.18 Height Technologies
16.19 Sunbirds
16.20 Latitude Engineering

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